quinta-feira, 21 de abril de 2011

Global Agenda

Now here is a true breath of fresh air when it comes to shooters, If you're looking for an awesome PvP based game, this is it. Global Agenda does have some PvE but its PvP is far superior and its the main focus of the game.
You can choose from 4 diferent classes:

Medic, the healer class (DUH!), but can also work as a dps class with the use of poison weapons and grenades.
Assault, the tanks but are also good as a damage class.
Recons, the average rogue/ninja kind of class, uses stealth, snipers, and mines.
Robotics, the "engineer" class, uses turrets, drones and can also repair them and place healing stations and help respawn beacons activate faster.

Here's a trailer, as an Assault PoV

Now the game is free to play, you just download it and get started. But you only get half the experience points, credits and tokens as the "Elite Agents" and you don't get any loot at the end of a mission if you're a "Free Agent".
To become an Elite Agent you need to pay a one time fee of 15.99€
But if you're already an Elite Agent you get cupons that when used at the store give you a 50% discount so its just 7.99€.
There are also Boosters that you can buy that double the exp, credits, tokens and loot again! Even If you're already an Elite Agent.
And If you buy the "Elite Agent" pack together with a booster the 50% discount apply to both! But if you try to buy the booster seperatelly the discount does not apply to the booster.

So if you are interested in trying out this game in full and get everything out of it here are some coupons for you guys to use.
They can be used multiple times.

GACOU294474555000 -50% off
GACOU294474597474 -30% off
GACOU294474597475 -30% off

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  1. yeah this seems good I like the gameplay

  2. i love fps so much. always since castle wolfenstein. this is a amazing blog. i'll keep folowing daily. hope you can return the favor. thanks alot and make enjoy your day.

  3. Actually looks pretty sick man, I'm going to go away and check it out :)

  4. OH! I totally forgot about this game, cheers!

  5. looks like another rip off of team fortress, this is the second rip off ive seen, but i like tf2 so much, i would probably enjoy this too lol

  6. So you can play, but if you don't want to be a disadvantaged loser you better pony up some coin.

  7. love your blog! keep up the quality posts!